Almanarah business started in 1999 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as an establishment catered to business studies and development of technology based solutions that serve the infrastructure development of the Saudi economy. In the years 2000-2004, our efforts nurtured the development and operation of the first Consumer Credit Bureau in the Kingdom, fostered by AbdulLatif Jameel Group.

We further developed and diversified our business and offerings to many more clients with more polished maturity and professionalism.


Almanarah is the preferred partner of choice for sourcing the best Comm & IT products, services and solutions. We will relentlessly move ahead on our mission to be the leader in our field and the employer of choice for the qualified experts.


To better serve our customers, we are committed to listen carefully to their distinctive needs and fully understand their requirements. Then guide them to the best technologies that serve those needs and contribute to their business tangible growth.

In delivering the best solutions to our customers, we depend on the expertise and professionalism of our employees and close cooperation with our technology partners. Taking care of our employees and partners and nurturing our bonds is one of our most important investments.

We reward initiatives, cooperation and team spirit among our employees and partners. We are committed to excellence with unsurpassed transparency and responsibility.


Our values reflect our approach, principles and what we are all about. Some of our defined values are:

Our Customers
Customers First ... our business will not succeed without their business and their satisfaction. we are here to serve them and be their Guide of Technology

Our Services
We are committed to deliver the best and most advance cutting edge world renowned technologies. We only offer the best technologies that serve the distinctive needs and the interest of our customers on the first place.

Team Spirit
We are responsible professional, think positively of each other, learn from each other, and support each other. We are very proud of our company achievements and future ambition. We are committed to its values and always give it the best we can.

Productivity and Efficiency
We accomplish our work with the most efficient, cost effective and productive ways that will not affect our vision or hinder our mission to success. This shall make every one of us a valuable asset.